Written by Klaren International on February 15, 2022.


We are happy to receive new self-cleaning system orders in Q1 2022 from 2 of the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Asia.

In the pharmaceutical industry, water is a vital raw element. Pharmaceutical compounds are often manufactured in large quantities which results in high volumes of wastewater which is hazardous to the environment. The pharmaceutical wastewater is highly rigorous containing high salts, organic matter, and complex compounds. The disposal of this water is extremely dangerous or requires comparatively higher treatment costs than other industries. This is the reason, pharmaceutical producers decide to retreat and reuse this water, and evaporation technology is one of the proven solutions. Depending on the quality of water forced circulation or the combination of falling film & forced circulation evaporators are being used in the wastewater plant.

Due to high COD and TDS, heat exchanger fouls and it affects the heat transfer co-efficient, increase pressure drop, reduce system flow and results in increased energy consumption, production loss and low evaporation rate.

With the Klaren’s self-cleaning heat exchanger technology, you can achieve up to zero fouling operations, keep the system clean and run the plant without any operational constraints.