The world population is increasing by 83 million per year. According to the UN report, the current world population, which is 7.75 billion individuals, would reach: 8.5 billion in 2030 and circa 10.0 billion in 2050.

As a result of the growth in population, the demand for water resources has increased over the period of time.

ZLD - Zero Liquid Discharge MEE and MVR Technology For Evaporator’s Fouling & Scaling

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In addition to this, industrial processes require continuous availability of water which is putting tighter government regulations. Several Asian countries leading ZLD systems in the last decade and western countries are gradually following the footprints to avoid high disposal cost and save our environment.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment process that eliminates liquid waste and maximize water usage efficiency. This system also strategizes to recover valuable mineral sources from the wastewater.

It is of utmost importance for industries to adapt ZLDs in their industrial plants in coming years. Traditionally, ZLD technologies consists of brine concentrators and crystallizers that use thermal evaporation (MEE/ MVR) as a part of tertiary treatment to produce highly purified water and dry solid products. These solid products could be disposed or treated further for valuable salts recovery.

Our self-cleaning heat exchanger technology has helped several customers to solve their fouling issues in the ZLD system.

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