Improving the energy efficiency is a need for various industries to reduce reliance on fossil-based fuels, reduce costs and at the same time reduce environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The recovery and use of waste energy is considered as a major option to achieve these goals.

Heat exchangers are one of the well-known and best techniques for recovering waste energy by transferring the heat of the streams (containing the waste heat) to the fluid that needs energy to warm up. However, heat exchangers are facing fouling during this operation that significantly impact the thermal and mechanical performance as it increases the overall thermal resistance and lowers the heat transfer coefficient of heat exchangers.

Klaren International offers innovative solution to prevent this issue. The self-

cleaning fluidized bed heat exchangers that operate up to zero fouling. By using Klaren technology, you can optimize the heat recovery of the unit and keep it constant at desired level. You would be able to significantly decrease the fouling cost by using self-cleaning heat exchanger system.

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