Free Technical Feasibility Study

When you are dealing with (severe) fouling heat exchangers in your process(es) and you want to know if the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology can solve the fouling issue, we can perform a technical assessment of potential technology for your specific application(s). 

New Self-cleaning Heat Exchangers

Every customer case with fouling is unique in terms of process conditions and composition of the media applied. The configuration of a self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger needs to be tuned to achieve operation up to zero-fouling. 

Revamp Existing Heat Exchangers

The self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger technology offers the possibility of revamping/retrofitting existing conventional severely fouling heat exchangers into a self-cleaning configuration. These possibilities are particularly interesting for severely fouling reboilers, evaporators and crystallizers. 
To determine whether a revamp of an existing heat exchanger is possible, a technical feasibility study will be carried out.

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