Evaporation and crystallization processes are used in the fertiliser industry to produce a wide range of fertilizers from primary raw materials but also from by-products and waste stream. In various applications the evaporators and/or crystallizers are prone to fouling, which affects the heat transfer and capacity negatively. Therefore, regular cleaning of heat exchangers is required, in some case with a frequency of less than biweekly intervals. Besides the production losses and maintenance costs, the cleanings also cause additional waste streams and negatively impact the lifetime of the heat exchangers, especially in case of graphite heat exchangers.

With KLAREN’s self-cleaning heat exchanger technology, you can achieve up-to a zero-fouling operation in your evaporators and crystallizers, keep your system clean, run plant with any constraints.

The possible operations are:

  • Concentration of Phosphoric Acid
  • Concentration of Digestate
  • Recovery of fertilizers from waste streams

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Fertilizers industry fouling

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