Oleochemicals have occupied a huge space in our lives, our day-to-day activities. Oleochemicals are chemicals produced from natural oils and fat. In simple language, oleochemicals are the products made from coconut oil, palm oil, tallow (animal fat), tallow oils, rapeseed oils, soya, sunflower oil, etc. They are used in a wide variety of industry such as soap and detergent industry, paint and varnish industry, leather industry, pharmaceutical industry and not the least, food emulsifier industry and edible oil industry.

The production of oleochemicals results often in fouled or scaled equipment, leading to frequent cleaning. In addition to this, wastewater produced in these processes must be treated as they contain undesirable impurities, which may cause severe fouling in the wastewater treatment plants. The current known solutions might not be helpful to solve issues completely.


The areas where we can help you to achieve zero fouling operation:

  • Concentration of spent lye with salts
  • Black Liquor handling
  • Handling calcium carbonate solution
  • Avoiding sodium (bicarbonate) scaling in evaporators
  • Concentration of glycerin

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