Demand of industrial water is increasing, and they account for quarter of the withdrawal of fresh water of the world.  Scarcity of potable water is increasing day by day. Sea water is the promising source of raw material available in the nature. More and more countries are relying on the desalinated sea water for fulfilling their day-to-day water needs.  Looking at the improved efficiency and increased sustainability of the desalination, the complexities the operations limit the applications. Along with the production of “Concentrate” in desalination, which is twice as concentrated as sea/ocean water, the other known problem in desalination operations is scaling of salts in thermal distillation operations. Due to scaling, these operations are run at lower temperature and pressures resulting into higher requirement of heat transfer area, which ultimately results in higher CAPEX and OPEX.

The specially designed self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchangers keep the salt crystals suspending by avoiding sticking on the walls and keeping the tube walls clean and clear.

Possible operations where Klaren can help:

  • Treatment of RO Reject

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