Zero-Fouling solution to Viscose Rayon Industry

Viscose (rayon) is one of the main production processes for man-made cellulosic fibers. In order to be able to be spun into filaments, cellulosic pulp is converted into a cellulose derivative, cellulose xanthogenate, which is dissolved and thus becomes spinnable.

Stop Heat Exchanger Cleaning Now

At Taprogge , we believe in preventive solutions! The KLAREN self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger, designed to prevent fouling in its early stage and achieve up to zero fouling operations in your heat exchanger(s), maintaining a clean system and running your plant without operational constraints.

Explain heat exchanger fouling to a child

A heat exchanger works in a similar way. It has tiny passages where hot water or air flows through to transfer heat. But if these passages get dirty or clogged, the hot water or air can't flow easily, and the heat doesn't transfer as it should.

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