In the pulp and paper industry a variety of complex processes is used to produce pulp, paper and packaging materials from raw materials. As a complex and capital intensive industry, the key to success or failure comes down to production efficiency and uptime.

Unfortunately, fouling and scaling of equipment, such as heaters and evaporators, is a major cause of operational problems such as plugging of equipment, inefficient usage of chemicals, increased utility costs and lost production due to downtime.

Scaling of evaporators and concentrators is a major problem for the pulp industry. Evaporator capacity and steam economy can be reduced due to fouling. Frequent downtime is often necessary for cleaning.

Self-cleaning heat exchangers have successfully been applied (new and 

Pulp and paper industry Fouling & Scaling

revamp) in the pulp and paper industry for the heating of hard scaling white – water containing up to 3000 mg/l of solids. Also heat recovery from wastewater containing fibrous materials is a proven application for the self-cleaning heat exchange technology. Advantages are: Lower maintenance cost for cleaning, increased production, better steam economy and very likely fewer corrosion problems with the tube material which now remains free of deposits often the cause of crevice corrosion.

Areas of application:

  • Black or red liquor concentration (evaporators)
  • White-water and black-liquor heating
  • Heat recovery

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