Concentrated (or dense) slurries are encountered in a multitude of natural and industrially relevant products and processes. A dense slurry or suspension is a mixture of particles of one substance distributed throughout a second phase, where the particles are typically large enough to be seen by the unaided eye or a magnifying glass.

Adding suspended particles to a fluid increases its viscosity. It means that, slurries with higher concentration/ volume fraction will have more viscosity.

Industries face fouling issues during heating or cooling of concentrated or dense suspensions fluid during the production process. This may affect product specification due to process constraints when solid particles suspended in the process stream accumulate on the heat transfer surface.

Our technology proved that it can work efficiently in a wide range of systems dealing with dense/concentrated slurries (Eg. Paint, plastic, food, coatings etc.). We can analyse the rheology of the slurry accurately to be able to design an efficient self-cleaning system.

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