Why should you select Klaren technology?

  • The self-cleaning technology, can be applied in many industries and processes
  • Only company in the world to provide fluidized bed cleaning solution
  • Global presence, focus on sustainability and innovation
  • Proven cases and experience across several industries
  • Experienced team available globally for visits and discussions
  • High ROI with the savings in CAPEX and OPEX when using Klaren technology
  • KLAREN-system can be implemented in revamp or new case

Advantages of the technology


Improved energy performance

The energy performance is improved through continuous cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes. This ensures constant heat transfer. Because tubes remain clean and the heat transfer is constant.

Enhanced production capacity

The heat exchangers of remain operational during cleaning. As a result, the production capacity remains of the constant or even
the increases.

Sustainable process

Chemicals are not required when using self-cleaning technology. Therefore, cleaning of your heat exchangers does'nt result in hazardous waste streams.

Compact design

Oversizing is no longer necessary due to constant heat transfer. This makes our designs compact.

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