Process equipments fouling in the petrochemical plants is costly operation due to frequent maintenance, reduced feed rate or the contamination in the downstream equipments. The reduction in the heat transfer reduces reliability and operations flexibility. In some case, the severe fouling may lead to equipment damage and safety concerns. This equipments may need to protect with the continuous usage of Antifoulants/Dispersant which is a huge cost to the plant in addition to continuous opex cost.

With the Klaren’s self-cleaning heat exchanger technology, you can achieve up to zero fouling operations in your liquid stream, keep system clean and run plant without any operational constraints.

The possible operations are:

  • Ethylene plants (Quench water tower, Quench Oil Tower, Light ends units)
  • Butadiene plants (Solvent loop)
  • Styrene plants
  • Downstream chemical plants
  • Reboilers

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Petrochemical industry fouling

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