At Klaren International, we are committed to support our customers and partners. Sometimes, it is not possible to attend live webinars and hence, we have made it possible to watch earlier recorded versions.

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Webinar: Practical Experiences Achieve up to zero fouling with the self cleaning heat exchanger

Description: Post discussion with several clients/participants across the globe, we decided to deep dive into the operational experiences of the 3 latest case studies from Europe and Asia. In this webinar Marco van Beek, CTO of Klaren International has shared operational experiences of self-cleaning fluidized bed technology and how the technology is used to keep the heat exchangers clean and heat transfer constant in the mentioned case studies.
Furthermore, some interesting questions also answered during the webinar. Following operational experiences are discussed:

  • Newly built Multiple Effect Evaporators ( MEEs) in Asia
  • Heating system at Edible oil plant in Europe
  • World’s first Self-cleaning Mechanical Vapor Recompression ( MVR) in Asia

Webinar: Achieve up to zero fouling with the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology

Description: In this video, you can learn more about our company & technology, references and case studies which are focused on wastewater plant and Geothermal brine. The webinar is recorded on 13th October 2021, presented by our Sales Manager (Amol Palve) and CTO/MD ( Marco Van Beek) with +50 participants from all over the world . In this interactive webinar, you will also see 2 polls and +10 Q&A answered thoroughly.

Webinar : Implementation of the Self-cleaning Technology in Evaporators

Description: In this webinar it is explained how the self-cleaning technology can be implemented in MEE (single effect/multi-effect/TVR) as well as MVR. The following topics are also addressed: – Introduction Self-cleaning Heat Exchanger Technology – References Evaporators – Different Evaporator Systems – Maximum Concentration / Boiling Point Elevation (BPE) – MEE; Design Aspects – MVR; Design Aspects.

Webinar: Introduction to Self-cleaning Heat Exchanger Technology

Description: This video is an introduction to the Self-cleaning Heat Exchanger Technology of Klaren International The self-cleaning heat exchanger technology developed by Klaren International makes operation of severe fouling heat exchangers up to zero-fouling possible. In the self-cleaning heat exchangers, a fluidized bed of cleaning particles is used at the tube side where the fouling liquid flows through. The cleaning particles create a scouring effect on the tube wall surface which removes the developing fouling layer. In this way severe fouling of shell and tube heat exchangers is prevented. Either new or revamped heat exchanger solutions with a self-cleaning configuration can be realized in many types of industries.

Webinar: 3 Key Selection Parameters for Mechanical Vapor Recompression(MVR) in self-cleaning evaporators

Description: Self-cleaning technology has enabled the availability and reliability of evaporators by significantly eliminating fouling. Developed by Klaren International, the technology is now successfully used in India with our partner Shachi Engineering. The technology eliminates fouling and helps process plants to save on cleaning costs and also the downtime required for cleaning and maintenance. However, the benefits of self-cleaning technology do not end here. With Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR), you could save 41% of the primary energy used in self-cleaning process.

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