Biodiesel, also known as “Green Diesel”, is promisingly considered as an alternative fuel with higher combustion energy, lower emissions compared to presently used petroleum products. Biodiesel as the name suggests itself, can be produced from bio-sources like a broad variety of feedstocks such as animal fats, soyabean oil or other vegetable oils.

Similarly, another renewable energy source, which many countries are working on is Bioethanol. Bioethanol is believed to be as an alternative fuel for petrol with the same chemical characteristics ad of ethanol. Bioethanol is produced from maize, sugarcane and starches found in agriculture and forestry products -plants.

As the process of manufacturing biofuels involves oils and fats or plant based starches, concentration of the liquid faces the settling or fouling issues in the evaporators. Klaren being well known in providing solutions in avoiding scale formation, in avoiding fouling, may help you improve your production and reduce down times.

The operations where we can be of your help are:

  • Concentration of glucose solution in producing biodiesel from sugarcane
  • Stillage treatment (produced from for example maize, millets, wheat, rice, cellulose)
  • Methanol recovery from raw biodiesel

Contact us for the feasibility report and further discussion.

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