The development of the self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger was started by Dr. Ir. Dick G. Klaren for seawater distillation plants by finding a practical solution for the hydraulic stabilization of multi-parallel fluidized beds and recognizing the excellent heat transfer film coefficient in a fluidized bed at very low superficial liquid velocities. With the development of RO technologies, the focus switched to other industries like pulp & paper, petrochemical, oil & gas and renewables.

We employ an international team of engineers and cooperate with a network of specialists. We design, engineer and commission the self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchangers. For the manufacturing of the heat exchangers, we collaborate with (local) manufacturing companies worldwide.

Our self-cleaning configuration can be realized in all manner of industries. A fluidized bed of solid particles is used at the tube side of the self-cleaning heat exchangers where the fouling liquid flows through. The solid particles create a scouring effect on the tube wall surface which removes the developing fouling layer. This prevents severe fouling of shell and tube heat exchangers. Our designs operate up to zero-fouling.

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