Every client case with fouling is unique in terms of process conditions and composition of the media applied. The configuration of a self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchanger needs to be tuned in order to achieve operation up to zero-fouling. We work according to a five step approach:

  • Input Client Case
    Collect all required process conditions, such as flow, temperature, cooling or heating medium.
  • Basic Sizing of Full Scale Unit
    Based on the process conditions the basic layout and dimensions of a Full Scale Unit can be calculated and designed (tube diameter and length and the number of tubes).
  • Test at Client Site

    A test is required to determine the overall heat transfer coefficient and to demonstrate the self-cleaning performance. The test will be performed at the client site and at client conditions taking into account the tube diameter and length of a full scale unit and a flow in 1 tube at ΔT and ΔTlog. During this test particle size, bed porosity and flow are optimized. For this test our proprietary single tube test unit is used.

  • Design Full Scale Unit
    Output is a full scale self-cleaning heat exchanger design with optimized fluidized bed parameters.
  • Project Realization
    The detailed engineering, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of the self-cleaning heat exchanger.

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