In the steel industry, oil and water emulsions are utilised as refrigerants and lubricants. Oil and water emulsion can be reused several times, and the recycling process after use is costly. But after a certain period of use, those emulsions have to be renewed. 
The purpose of wastewater treatment is to separate oily substances from the aqueous phase, reducing contaminants in the water so that they could be discharged into sewage treatment facilities or returned to the plant for reuse. The oil have to be highly concentrated so that it can be transferred to, for instance an incinerator. Thermal septation process achieved by evaporator may well accomplish this task.
The coarse solids and free oil in the wastewater are separated first, and the wastewater is filtered again before moving to the evaporator. Then, In a falling-film pre evaporators, the wastewater is concentrated to around 30 percent. However, those Evaporators are prone to fouling which can led to dramatically decrease evaporation capacity and, require periodically cleaning which increase operating costs.

With the Klaren’s self-cleaning heat exchanger technology, you can achieve up to zero fouling operations in your Evaporator, keep system clean and run plant without any operational constraints. Still other possible areas within the steel industry where Klaren’s self-cleaning heat exchanger technology could be beneficial for your process. Please contact us for feasibility report and further discussion.

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