Written by Klaren Technology on Dec 29, 2022.

We are delighted to announce that TAPROGGE and KLAREN International will be growing even closer together.

From December 2022 on, KLAREN International will be fully integrated into the TAPROGGE Group as competence and technology brand “KLAREN Technology”. In this context, TAPROGGE Group will form a branch office in the Netherlands.

With this move, TAPROGGE supplements its own portfolio with the KLAREN technology to achieve even stronger synergies of competence, especially in the innovation field of self-cleaning heat exchangers. “This makes a lot of sense,” confirms Mr. D. Taprogge, Managing Partner of TAPROGGE GmbH, “because with KLAREN there is a very high degree of technological complementarity in TAPROGGE’s specialty field, the prevention of scaling & fouling, on which we have been working for decades as international leader.”

Mr. M. van Beek, Managing Director of Klaren International BV, adds “I welcome the integration of Klaren international with Taprogge since it strengthens our technical competences and allows us to further expand the Klaren technology.”

“This is a significant step forward for us.” according to Mr. E. Veen, Managing Director of Klaren International BV, “Although, there is already intensive interaction in various areas, complete integration will allow the KLAREN business to take advantage of the full potential of the Taprogge worldwide infrastructure.”

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