Written by Klaren International on .

Klaren International has worked together with Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) to experimentally test the use of the fluidized bed heat exchanger technology as a part of SES’ innovative Cryogenic Carbon Capture process.

SES develops innovative solutions to sustainability problems within the energy industry. Their Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) technology eliminates most emissions from fossil fuels. This CCC technology is projected to cost half as much as alternatives. Key in the technology is that CCC uses phase change to separate CO2 and other pollutants from exhaust or process gases. In CCC the CO2 is cooled to such a low temperature (about -140 °C) that it changes from a gas to a solid. After cooling, the solid CO2 is separated from the remaining gas, pressurized, melted and delivered at pipeline pressure. In the applied heat exchanger the solid CO2 ice that forms upon cooling attaches to the wall of the heat exchanger thereby reducing its capacity.

Klaren International works together with Sustainable Energy Solutions on the use of the fluidized bed heat exchanger technology to continuously remove the solid CO2 ice from the heat exchanger surface. The ice is removed by the scouring action of the particles in the fluidized bed. The fluidized bed technology is normally applied in industry to continuously in-line clean severely fouling heat exchangers.

As a first step in the development of the full-scale heat exchanger for the CCC Technology, a test unit has been designed and built. Tests are planned for early next year.

For more information on the technology as offered by SES refer: https://sesinnovation.com/