Written by Klaren International on Aug 27, 2022.

We will supply two self-cleaning heat exchangers to the Überseeinsel project in Bremen, Germany.

In Bremen, along the river Weser at the former Kellogg site, a new district will be realized. For providing heat and cooling an energy plant will be realized which will use the Weser as a heat source. For the extraction of the heat from the river intermediate heat exchangers are used in combination with heat pumps. 

For a stable operation in summer and winter heat exchangers with cleaning, configuration has been chosen. The self-cleaning heat exchangers will prevent fouling of the heat exchangers, and besides that can prevent ice-scaling during operation when the river water is around zero degrees Celsius. This will make it possible to extract in these winter conditions a substantial amount of heat from the river.

The KLAREN heat exchangers are expected to be supplied/installed in the second quarter of 2023.