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Klaren International and Bronswerk Heat Transfer, both based in the Netherlands, have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at selling, designing and worldwide delivery of heat exchangers based on the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology of Klaren International.

Klaren International is specialized in designing and realizing self-cleaning heat exchangers. The mission of Bronswerk Heat Transfer is to offer the client the best solutions for heat transfer and fluid-flow systems, optimized for thermodynamical, mechanical and economical aspects and realizing the greatest possible benefits. The challenges presented by the client are translated in sustainable, energy saving and innovative solutions of the highest possible quality.

With the self-cleaning heat exchanger technology, we can design heat exchangers for zero fouling operation. In the self-cleaning heat exchangers, a fluidized bed of solid particles is used at the tube side where the fouling liquid flows through. The solid particles create a scouring effect on the tube wall surface which removes the developing fouling layer. In this way, severe fouling of shell and tube heat exchangers is prevented. Either new or revamped heat exchanger solutions with a zero-fouling configuration can be realized in many types of industries.