Written by Klaren International on November 5, 2021.

This article talks about practical experiences in wastewater treatment.


The plant performance after the retrofit of the 1st effect has proven the performance of a fluidized bed as an on-line and in-line cleaning mechanism. Currently the plant is more than 7000 hours in operation and did not have to be cleaned. While before the retrofit the evaporation capacity reduced with 50% within 300 hrs, after the retrofit the evaporation capacity remained constant. The increased evaporation capacity reduces the necessity of investments in new MEE plants making the business case for the retrofit positive.

The retrofit of the 1st effect not only effected the fouling behaviour of this effect but also reduced the fouling in subsequent effects. Although there is no hard proof for this, it is expected that a reduction in size of the solids in the system is the cause for this.

About the author

Marco Van Beek is the CTO of Klaren international. With mechanical engineering background, immense experiences in the plant operations and PhD in the fouling subject, Marco enjoys solving challenging customer problems together with his team.

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