There are two ways of milling of palms to get oil. The dry milling, which has many mechanical operations, is very less popular method as it results in poisonous wastewater to be discharged in river or landfill.

The more popular method is wet milling. As the name suggests, this method needs a lot of water. These huge quantities of water required for oil extraction are available from the river or surface waters available near by the mill and needs less pumping costs. Thus, costly end treatment of this cheaply available water is a less attractive for mills. However, due to increasingly stringent rules getting made by the various tropical countries, the treatment of this wastewater is much more needed and getting significance.

Palm oil extraction industry uses lots of water which is then either discharged into river or landfill. Instead, if this water is treated, it can be reused as the source of water at different stages of operation of oil extraction or for steam generation. The solid waste with less amount of water in it can be used as the raw materials for fertilizer industry, as this waste is rich in Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) which are vital foods for plants.

While considering evaporators for water recovery, the dissolved solids can

be challenging to handle and run the evaporators trouble free. Many chemicals have tendency to settle or to form scales or crystals as temperature increases. In conventional evaporators, this contaminated water is passed through the tubes and tubes get chocked or scaled or fouled. A layer of solid scale when formed on the tube walls, though soft or hard, thick or thin, creates obstacle in the heat transfer. This results in less evaporation i.e., less recovery of water along with wastage of energy and reducing the life of equipment.

Klaren has come up with a solution on fouling of these tubes. We offer self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchangers which operate as forced circulation self-cleaning evaporators. Using these, the specially selected cleaning particles avoid the scales or crystals to rest on the tube walls keeping the walls cleans continuously. Also, specially designed fluidization of these particles prevents the fouling process by keeping the wastewater turbulent. This results in higher heat exchange, thus higher water recovery in less steam input and with clean tubes, reducing the cleaning costs. These evaporators save on the OPEX of the wastewater treatment plant.

To achieve 100% energy efficiency, we supply the self-cleaning evaporator with Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) system. MVR systems run on the vapor formed in the evaporator and needs no external steam supply, further saving plant’s OPEX.

All in all, for treating cheapest raw material i.e. water in ample volumes with higher energy efficiency, maximum water recovery in less land requirement and saving on cleaning costs, cleaning downtimes and OPEX, Klaren’s Self Cleaning Fluidized Bed Evaporators is the best appropriate choice.

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