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In the world of heat exchangers, fouling is a persistent challenge that affects efficiency and performance. With KLAREN Technology, TAPROGGE proudly offers a sustainable solution to this issue: the self-cleaning fluidized heat exchanger (learn more: https://klarenbv.com/operating-principle/)

We prepare to showcase the KLAREN Technology at esteemed exhibitions worldwide during 2023.

We invite industry professionals to visit/meet us, to discuss their fouling-related problems and to  learn how this revolutionary technology elevates heat exchanger efficiency while preserving the environment.

We have a smart solution. Special additions to the heat exchangers that help shell and tube heat exchangers to work better with additional benefits. How?

  • Online and inline continuous Tube Cleaning: Our heat exchangers clean themselves! The cleaning media do not allow fouling deposits to stay on the tube surface.
  • Saving Energy: With up to zero fouling operations, we keep the heat transfer at a constant level and save energy. Our secondary benefit of reducing apparent viscosity also helps to lower the pumping power requirement.

r Journey Aund the World from September 2023 – November 2023

Oil Sands Conference, Canada: As a hub for energy and oil production, Canada knows the importance of efficiency. We are taking the stage at the Oil Sands Conference, showcasing our self-cleaning heat exchangers that have revolutionized heat exchanger performance. With our technology, heat exchangers stay cleaner and work better, optimizing production. Join us to witness how KLAREN is shaping the future of oil production.

Exhibition link: https://oilsandstradeshow.com/

IFAT India: India’s quest for clean water and a healthier environment aligns perfectly with Taprogge’s mission of “Efficiency in Energy and Water”. At IFAT India, we’re sharing our self-cleaning technology’s role in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) with advanced evaporators and environmental sustainability. We will mainly focus on wastewater management in the textile industry and salts recovery across different streams. Explore how our technology can contribute to cleaner water and recovery of resources, paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

Exhibition link: https://www.ifat-india.com/

Weftec, USA: Clean water is a universal need, and the USA is no exception. At Weftec, we will demonstrate how our self-cleaning evaporators play a pivotal role in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) with effective thermal operations. Discover how our innovative technology enhances water treatment processes, reducing energy consumption and promoting environmental health. Join us to witness the future of water management and solid recovery.

Exhibition link: https://www.weftec.org/

HEW America, USA: Heat transfer operation is vital in almost all the industries, and Heat Exchanger World (HEW) America is the perfect platform to learn and meet innovative companies like Taprogge. Our team will explain how our self-cleaning heat exchangers bring innovative solutions to heat-related processes. By keeping Heat Exchangers clean, our technology boosts efficiency, reduces downtime, and saves resources. Join us to explore how we are transforming heat transfer operations across industries.

Exhibition link: https://heat-exchanger-world-americas.com/

Aquatech, The Netherlands: As we know, clean water and resource recovery are shared global goals, and at Aquatech, we will highlight how our self-cleaning technology is a game-changer. We’re showcasing how our innovative technology addresses challenges in thermal operations and contributes to sustainable water management.

Exhibition link: https://www.aquatechtrade.com/amsterdam

Dahej Expo, India: In India’s busy industrial landscape, TAPROGGE stands out with KLAREN Technology at the Dahej Expo. We will demonstrate how our self-cleaning technology can transform the evaporator operations. By improving heat exchanger efficiency and reducing energy usage, our innovative technology aligns with India’s “Make in India” initiative as most of the equipments are manufactured locally. Join us to witness how TAPROGGE is enhancing industrial productivity sustainably.

Exhibition link: https://www.industrialexpo.co.in/index.html

Enlit Asia, Indonesia: Taprogge is a world leader in solving fouling problems in power plant industries for more than 60 years. We have focused on helping our customers to achieve greater efficiencies when generating power while also helping them to protect the environment. Along with other well-known products, we will also showcase how the KLAREN self-cleaning heat exchanger technology contributes to cleaner and more efficient energy production in the power plant industries in the Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) when zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is important. As Asia strives for energy security and sustainability, our innovative technology becomes a vital piece of the solution.

Exhibition link: https://www.neventum.com/tradeshows/power-gen-asia-1

TAPROGGE invites industry professionals to visit the TAPROGGE Booth at these exhibitions and discuss their fouling-related challenges. Our experts are eager to explore how the KLAREN self-cleaning technology can revolutionize heat exchanger efficiency across diverse sectors. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with us and witness how our innovative technology is shaping a more sustainable future for heat exchange systems.

Learn more about our sustainability goals: https://klarenbv.com/transforming-the-future-of-heat-exchangers-through-sustainable-environmentally-friendly-solutions/

For more information and to schedule a meeting, visit www.klarenbv.com or reach out to us directly at sales@taprogge.nl

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About Taprogge

TAPROGGE is a global cleantech specialist. The company provides the market with tailor-made solutions which maximize efficiency and improve the availability of water and thermal circulating systems in large power stations and seawater desalination plants.

TAPROGGE is regarded as an innovator and leader in this market segment. TAPROGGE is now among the world’s leading companies that offer energy-saving solutions which also cut CO2-emissions.

About KLAREN Technology

TAPROGGE offers with competent brand KLAREN Technology continuous cleaning solutions for either new or existing heat exchangers. A fluidized bed of solid particles is used at the tube side of the self-cleaning heat exchangers (to create a scouring effect) where the fouling liquid flows through and removes the developing fouling layer. This technology can be applied in many industries, including chemicals, and can help to achieve up to zero-fouling operations in the heater, cooler, and reboiler systems.

We design, engineer, and commission the self-cleaning fluidized bed heat exchangers. For the manufacturing of the heat exchangers, we collaborate with (local) manufacturing companies worldwide. With this technology, fouling or clogging of heat exchangers can be prevented or minimized. The fluidized bed effectively handles many types of fouling including scaling, whether hard or soft, originating from biological, crystallization, chemical, or particulate fouling mechanisms, or a combination of these. A wide variety of fluids can be handled ranging from aqueous solutions to oils and slurries.

Advantages of the KLAREN technology

Improved energy performance

The energy performance is improved through continuous cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes. This ensures constant heat transfer. Because tubes remain clean, and the heat transfer is constant

Enhanced production capacity

The heat exchangers remain operational during cleaning. As a result, the production capacity remains constant or even increases.

Sustainable process

Chemicals are not required when using self-cleaning technology. Therefore, cleaning of your heat exchangers doesn’t result in hazardous waste streams.

Compact design

Oversizing is no longer necessary due to constant heat transfer. This makes our designs compact.

KLAREN Technology has got immense popularity in the Wastewater, Energy, and Chemical industries in recent years.

Our products

Product: Self-Cleaning Evaporator

Our advanced Self-Cleaning Evaporators are designed to maintain constant evaporation rate and smoother operations for industries. By preventing buildup/fouling that causes disruptions, our technology cut down on maintenance needs, ensuring steady production. These modern solutions can easily fit into your existing evaporators or enhance new Multi-Effect Evaporator (MEE) and Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) Systems.

Further reading: https://klarenbv.com/multi-effect-evaporators/

Product: Self-Cleaning Reboiler

Self-Cleaning Reboiler are tailored for vertical forced circulation type reboilers. For highly viscous liquids when fouling is a concern, it uses a pump between the distillation column and reboiler to keep things flowing well. This smart upgrade transforms your current vertical reboilers, which might have fouling issues, into self-cleaning versions to run the operations smoothly. Elevate your reboiling processes with improved efficiency and longer equipment life.

Further reading: https://klarenbv.com/reboiler-fouling/

Product: Self-Cleaning Heater

Self-Cleaning Heater is a game-changer for industries using shell and tube heat exchangers that often get fouled on the tube side. We can revamp your horizontal heat exchangers into vertical ones with self-cleaning capabilities. It’s especially beneficial for chemical and Oil & Gas sectors, helping maintain efficient heat transfer while reducing maintenance downtime. Keep your operations running smoothly with our Self-Cleaning Heater.

Product: Self-Cleaning Cooler

Self-Cleaning Cooler works similarly to the heater, but for cooling processes with fouling challenges on tube side. Whether it’s due to chemical reaction or temperature changes, our technology ensures reliable operation and desired efficiency. Industries like chemicals and mining can count on this technology to keep their heat exchanger performance consistent, prevent fouling-related issues, and maintain smooth production. Elevate your cooling processes with the reliability and innovation of the Self-Cleaning Cooler.

Product: Self-Cleaning Condenser

The Self-Cleaning Condenser, Much like its counterpart, the Self-Cleaning Cooler, this innovative product is designed to excel in specific applications, catering to industries that rely on efficient vapor condensation while combatting the challenges posed by fouling on tube side minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


HELIKLAREN presents an innovative solution to enhance energy efficiency and meet sustainability targets. This comprehensive solution optimizes heat transfer on both shell and tube sides, revolutionizing your processes. The special helical baffles on the shell side reduce pressure drop, reducing energy usage while improving heat transfer operation. Moreover, the Fluidized bed on the tube side prevents fouling layers on the metal surfaces, ensuring smooth operation.

Product: Self-Cleaning Crystallizer

The Self-Cleaning Crystallizer operates on a similar principle to our acclaimed Self-Cleaning Evaporator, but with a specific focus on crystallization processes. An evaporator concentrates a solution by removing the solvent, while a crystallizer promotes the formation of solid crystals from a saturated solution. Engineered to combat fouling challenges that commonly hinder crystallization operations, this product promises efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

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